Google Search Terms that Led You Here: A Collage Poem

Photo of old posters on the wall taken in the Bo Pi Liao Historic Street in Taipei.

This is sort of a non sequitur post, but having blogged for several different blogs over the last few years and now run two of them, I’m always endlessly amused by what Google Search terms lead readers to my blog posts.

Also, lately around Taipei I have met new people, mainly expats, who say– “Oh yeah, I’ve seen your blog… I was looking for something else, but it was interesting.” And there’s that look in their eyes that’s purposefully vague and a little bit awkward, like, were they Googling where to go in Taipei to get that toe fungus cleared up? Or the best third date spot/coffee shop/karaoke house/bathroom supplies store in Shi Da? Or how to say, “I really like you but I just want to be friends, also, I forgot to mention that I’m already married” in Chinese?

Anyway, sometimes the looks are not awkward, and we talk about my travel and research, and I make new friends! But still, sometimes I wonder about their wayward searches. Also, why has this blog popped up as a possible result?!

So I started listing some of my favorite recent searches that fortunately (or frustratingly) led the search parties here, and I realized it was beginning to sound rather poetic (at least to my untrained-in-poetry ears). So in honor of this week’s earlier post about reading poetry this year, and because this whole month I am somewhat consumed with writing a large swath of the book manuscript, I give you: the Google Search Terms Girl Meets Formosa Collage Poem.

A few notable features: The order is decreasing order of frequency, no spelling errors have been corrected, and terms have been merely edited out of the list composition by omissions, if you will.)   The title is the first term on the list (aka most frequently-searched term of the past 3 months) and the last line is the last term. It won’t be making any best-of lists anytime soon, but on this air-conditioned morning, to me, it seems like an interesting reflection over my adventures and writings over the past ten months.

Who’s nostalgic to go trolling the blog archives now, eh???? (wink, wink.)  Next post this week will resume our regularly scheduled programming, I swear!

Hong Kong 1941

(by Girl Meets Formosa’s Google Search Results)

chinese characters for love

best street signs

futuristic castle

hair longest asia

girl showering

ice cream taiwan

6 pieces of clothing for a month

the stroke and stroke in chinese art


futuristic castle pics

core wardrobe pieces blogs

touching dangerous objects

what happens if you don’t refrigerate typhoid oral vaccination


taipei rain not so bad

hazy sunset

thomas liao

sweet dynasty, taipei

typhoid oral vaccine feel bad

“watch movies in chinese”


taipei weather summer rainboots

amazing singapore

blog taiwan writer formosa

longshan temple beutiful images

drink iced coffee with typhoid pill


Photo taken at the 228 Incident Peace Park, in Taipei. A memorial park, of sorts.

what is love in chinese

8-12 piece clothing

to a high place


calling center

taipei 101 fireworks 2011

taiwanese roommates


mountain tree dusk hazy

raining season and girl

futurstic casle

girl meet again in taiwan

japanese soldiers wwii marching

5 pieces of clothes per season


now carving

14 pieces 12 outfits

love words


chinese word seem great

nine layer tower vegetable

why is weather in boston so rainy

thomas liao taiwan independence

photography instructor, taipei

empty heart vegetable


view through the trees

in kowloon 1948

11 pieces 52 outfits

taipei fridge repair

japanese girl guide to taiwan pineapple cakes


what is the banned book about the formosa massacre

writer studio

taiwan, wavy short hair style

discovering taiwan


turkey carving

kimchi “grew on”

typhoon satellite


i heart you in chinese






the history of my family

chinese symbol for might

taiwan girl skype

bad writers studio

bilishi in taiwan writing



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7 responses to “Google Search Terms that Led You Here: A Collage Poem

  1. Hands down, the most popular Google search leading people to me is Hadley Hemingway…as in Ernest’s wife. I didn’t know so many people were curious about Hadley! For the most part, my search times are pretty boring and standard. People also really want to know about paper dolls, Moulin Rouge, and Regine from Arcade Fire, if you want to drive more Googlers to your blog. 🙂

  2. Kim

    Nice!! Thanks for sharing— I will be sure to do a post about Hadley Hemingway, Moulin Rouge, paper dolls and Arcade Fire… Taiwan. With a futuristic castle on the side, of course, to nurture my already existing Google Search base. Or maybe we could write an absurdist, fashionable collaboration?

  3. For some reason, my most popular search is some variation on “bad sunburns,” which I assume will change once winter returns.

    Also, huzzah on resuming blogging mere days after we talked about blogging! I feel as if I have had some influence. Now I should start up again!

  4. Thanks, Bridget! I owe it all to you, really. And: I just tried Google Image Searching “bad sunburns” to see which of your comics would come up, and saw some TRULY HIDEOUS sunburns. Folks, I don’t recommend it.

  5. Tascha

    This is amazing. Futuristic castle! Girl showering! Refrigerating typhoid medication! Turkey carving! A girl showering with a turkey carved into the shape of a futuristic castle while her typhoid medication chills under the cold tap! I think almost any one of these could be your new title. Or subtitle? “Empty Heart Vegetable: A Japanese girl’s guide to Taiwan pineapple cakes.”

  6. Kent

    Awesome stuff! Love it. Personal favorite: “blowndry.” Like foundry, only blowsier.

  7. Thanks, everyone. New title suggestions duly noted. Perhaps, “The Blowndry Futuristic Castle: An Empty Heart Vegetable’s Guide to Pineapple Cakes and Girls Showering?” But then, perhaps that’s false advertising…

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