Typhoon Update: China braces itself, Philippines hit hard

Hey folks, here’s a quick and rather serious update on the Typhoon, in light of my last post.  While we may make light of it over here in Taiwan, Typhoon Megi has been wreaking havoc around the Philippines, killing at least 19 people.  It is now headed right for the southeast coast of China, where people are scrambling to evacuate out of this very serious storm.  Over the last 12 hours, I have done some searching to get our weather updates, and found out the much less light-hearted side of the story.

Below is the link to the Washington Post video, which has some pretty intense footage of places the storm has been. Our hearts go out to those in the Philippines hit by the storm, and best hopes for the safety of everyone in southeastern China who are watching and waiting to see where Megi will hit.  As I find news of relief efforts in the Philippines, will add links to those soon.



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